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Peccato Italiano

The best of italian cuisine worldwide

Export from Italy

Best italian food products

Peccato Italiano

The best of italian cuisine worlwide

Export from Italy

Best italian food products


What we do


Aware of the reality of the Global Village in which humanity has been inmerse by technological advances, our VISION is international, so we expand our horizons to other markets, based in Europe making strategic alliances with importers abroad.

Commercial Policy

The commercial policy of PECCATO ITALIANO, is to offer only «Certified of Quality and Origin» products.

D.O.P – S.T.G – I.G.P

I.G.T – D.O.C – D.O.C.G


The mission of PECCATO ITALIANO is offer the best of the Italian excellent gastronomy to demanding gourmet markets, selecting producers committed to the environment, with Premium quality of its organic, unique, origin and quality certificated products.


  • Exploration of markets and their sales and distribution channels.
  • Selection and monitoring of producers committed to quality and the environment.
  • Partnership with overseas importers specialized in gastronomy.



  • We exercise the Commercial Representation of Italian gastronomic craftsmanship excellence producers.
  • Sales of quality guaranteed and origen certified products.
  • Management and assistance to commercial operations, planning and execution, in the pre and post sale.

Commercial managment

  • Direct dealing only with «Made in Italy» Certificated producers.
  • Execution, Coordination and supervision of whole process of sales and customs logistics.
  • Complete monitoring of the process of export in origin and import at destination.